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8 Artists in control of their branding

A few months ago we wrote an article about how important the idea of branding is for artists. We talked about building an identity, sharing the stories behind your work, and gaining publicity through various sources. For this article we’ve

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8 more ways to improve your artist blog

Ok, so it might be a cold, demotivating January outside, but hey, it’s still just the beginning of 2015! What better time than to update your blog – to take it to another level, beyond all expectations of what a

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The Top Fives – Most Popular Artworks of 2014

Here at ArtWeb, we are constantly promoting and sharing our artists’ work through the blog, and also via our social media networks. To celebrate the fantastic work we’ve seen this year, we’ve collated the most popular artworks of 2014, based

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Arts & Crafts Fairs – A Festive How-to

Hello! It’s that exciting, festive time of year again, when arts & crafts fairs are taking place left right and centre, and customers are on the look out for original, personal, and creative gifts for their loved ones. It’s the

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Luminous Landscapes: Natasha Day in the Spotlight

See more of Natasha’s work at: Being an artist Please give us a few words of introduction about yourself Unable to find a niche description for myself I’d call myself an ‘eclectic artist’. This basically gives me the freedom

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