Guest post: Artist Kyla Tomlinson talks decision-making and motivation

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Our guest post series provides insights into artist life, from artists’ points of view. Here artist Kyla Tomlinson talks about her personal career path, the importance of making decisions and making them happen, and her plans for the future. You can keep up to date with Kyla’s work and practice via her Facebook page and blog.


“To Be or Not To Be” There’s no question about it, shutup and DO IT!!

I’m an animator. I’ve worked in the industry for just over 10 years. In another life I’d be a figure painter. In the life after that I’d be a comic artist. In the next one I’d be a writer. If I was lucky enough and had another life I’d be a musician, a dancer, an actor and if I’d had any lives left, I’d be a bum.

My point is, there are so many little avenues and nooks and crannies within yourself you’re bursting to explore that sometimes it’s just so hard to focus to reach just one! And then you’ve got to pay the bills, and eat, and have a home to sleep in, and that means that possibly many of your dreamy potentials can get overlooked or compromised. Because the reality is that not many of us creative types can make financial stability without branching out into some kind of work that is more “stable”, especially throughout an early artistic career.


The dilemma is, that for some people, for me, those drives and passions, wants and desires, don’t shut up easily, until eventually despite the worry and woe of being a pretend grown-up, and having pretend grown-up responsibilities (although in my situation, I certainly don’t own any kids, so my thoughts here are purely selfish.  This seems negative but I mean this in a completely positive way!), that there doesn’t seem to be an option other than the one I’ve currently arrived at.

So this year, I am in the delicious position of being able to work part-time within a studio, while spending the rest of the time on personal projects.


And after the end of the year? Who knows. I certainly won’t make enough money this year to save and eventually, whenever it may be, I’ll work toward taking a larger amount of time off.

But the thought of that at the minute makes my palms sweat.

And I absolutely don’t have bags of funds (I am though very money savvy). But the idea of not exploring possibilities seemed a greater risk to take.

So my thinking behind this year is to build a body of work that would be a springboard for future opportunities.


I feel this really is a bit of a gift I have here, the position I am in, and I’m certainly going to grab it by the proverbial balls. And I’m talking about it and wanting to talk about it. By telling people what I’m up to I’m setting markers for myself. A little bit of fear and expectation of others, can keep the mind focused!

I know I must be one of many going through similar thoughts. I’d be more than happy to hear of your experiences and encourage anyone to get in touch. You can contact me at: or through my blog or Facebook sites.

Good Luck!

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