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How to digitise your artwork: photography and scanning

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man scanning artwork at home

As practicing artists in a digital age, we all know the importance of getting our work online. And we do so by uploading images to websites, blogs, social media, online galleries and so on. Because of this, it is so…

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Watercolours, the landscape and ‘plein-air’ painting: practical tips and guidance

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Water colors en plein air

Outdoor painting still has many potential benefits, including in how it forces an artist to look hard at a subject and make quick decisions as to how to depict it.

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In The Frame: What To Consider When Framing Artwork

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Framing artwork is incredibly important and many artists consider it part of their final outcome – Francis Bacon demanded his canvases were framed behind glass, for instance. Despite the cost that framing can add to production costs, it might be…

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Branding, identity, and publicity – Supercharge your Art career

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Yes, branding is a bit of an icky word, but bear with us. When we talk about branding for artists, we’re not necessarily talking about logos or advertising (although these can come into it). We’re talking about the way you present…

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5 ways to improve your artist blog

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We wrote an article a while back explaining the benefits of keeping an artist blog. We thought we’d recap on a few of those tips, as well as providing some up-to-date advice! Set yourself a blogging schedule This is really…

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