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The ArtWeb Facebook app has been discontinued

As 2012 is speeding along, we hope you are making those new years resolutions a reality. Today, we want to present ArtWeb’s newly released Facebook app and show you why we think it’s awesome!

For everyone else still thinking huh?!, let us tell you in a nutshell why we have designed the ArtWeb Facebook app and what it does for you:

  • It automatically syncs all images from your ArtWeb site to your Facebook page, allowing for no hassle, super-quick updates. (What?! Go back and read that last sentence again.)
  • Visitors can easily order your artwork right from your artist profile Facebook page, letting you reach even more potential buyers.

Curious? Let’s take a look at what it will do for you. Here are some examples of Facebook pages from members already using the ArtWeb Facebook app:

 Sheila Marshall's gallery

  • Wondering about the design of the gallery? That’s up to you. Choose multiple layout and colour options, allowing you to personalise the galleries. The upper left image, the Header: Upload and add any header image you want. This works like a spotlight on one of your works. Helen Masacz:

Helen Masacz

  • In addition, you’ll have access to stats for page views and page likes, giving you a better idea of what people like about your work. People that are interested in your work, can also directly join your mailing list as provided by ArtWeb. Abby Hook:

 Abby Hook

As you can see, it is pretty easy to personalise your Facebook page to suit your work, and give your audience another insight into your body of work. It takes about one minute to set it up… so what are you waiting for!? Here’s the link and instructions on how to install the app. Have fun!

Do you have an artists Facebook page? How do you think it benefits your artwork and exposure?
Let us know on Twitter @TheArtistsWeb or leave a comment on our Facebook page. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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