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Tag Archive for women

6 art documentaries to watch this International Women’s Day

By in Art And Culture



In 1971, the American art historian Linda Nochlin was asked: “Why have there been no great women artists?” In the now renowned essay of the same title, she set about answering this, deftly dismantling the cult of male genius, whilst…

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The CWAJ’s 62nd Contemporary Japanese Print Show

By in Art And Culture, Events & Review



Host of Japan’s most prestigious contemporary print fair, the College Women’s Association of Japan is a little-known powerhouse of an organisation supporting women and the visually impaired in the country. Connected through a love of English, members of the CWAJ…

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5 Women Who Showed New Ways Forward for Self-portraiture

By in Art And Culture



Self-portraiture is one of those vexed subjects within art that has not always attracted the attention and analysis it really deserves. After all, there is so much more to any given artist’s self-portrait than a straightforward expression of ‘this is…

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