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Tag Archive for drawing exercise

Learn to Sketch in 30 Seconds or Less!

By in How To


Pencil drawing of a female figure

The 30-second sketch is a quick drawing exercise to help artists (especially beginners) get their creative juices flowing. Even as an artist with seven years of training, I still feel a sense of dread when faced with a blank sheet…

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What Is Line Art: Techniques and How to Get Started

By in Art And Culture, How To


Vitruvian Man drawing by da Vinci

In art we tend to think of drawing as a starting point, with sketches that lead to finished work in paint, stone or plaster. But drawing is visual art in its own right, with a long rich history. And try…

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Original ideas of things to draw

By in Art And Culture, Artwork

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Hand drawing eyes on white page

American illustrator Andrew Loomis once said, “To learn to draw is to draw and draw and draw.”  Wise advice, but what happens when a lack of inspiration makes it hard to find something to sketch? Returning to the same subject…

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