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Everything is everything… interview with painter Donna Pacinelli

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Visit to see more of Donna’s work.

Being an artist

Please give us a few words of introduction about yourself


A profound love of art and nature are what define me as a person.

Moodscape by Donna Pacinelli

When did you decide to pursue art as a career?


As early as I can remember. I was one of those kids who people would say to ‘take a picture it’ll last longer’.

What training did you have?


BFA Tyler School of Art and courses at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

What has been the high point of your career so far?


This moment. After years of teaching, illustrating and restoring old houses, I finally have the freedom to create without interruption.

General Questions

What’s your favourite quote?


‘Everything is everything’ …something I’ve repeated to myself since I was a child.

Moodscape 2 by Donna Pacinelli

Who is your favourite artist?


Mark Rothko.

What are you aiming for?


For my paintings to speak for themselves.

How will you get there?


I am already en route.

Is anything holding you back?



You and art

What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who view your work? Are you ever surprised by reactions that you get?


I hope that viewers of my work are drawn into the spaces I create while feeling something inexplicable and familiar.

From start to finish, how long does it take for you to create your work?


Depending on the size, anywhere from three days to six weeks.

What music do you like to listen to when you work?


Bach, Brahms Violin Concertos, Prokoviev, Beethoven and Goreki depending on the mood of the piece.

What are you working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?


I’d like to continue with the sky series, experimenting with a higher key palette, and different moods. I have also been observing cast shadows in nature, the colors they rediate, and how they interact with the forms around them.

Moodscape 3 by Donna Pacinelli

Being inspired by art

Who (living or dead) inspires you? and why?


Anyone who recognizes their uniqueness and shares it with the rest of the world.

What feelings, subjects or concepts inspire you as an artist?


Everything I know and love is inspired by the natural world. Nature is the greatest teacher.

What is your favourite work that you’ve produced so far and why?


I have different preferences depending on the particular mood I’m in.

an artist’s advice

For those thinking about turning a passion for art into a career, could you give any advice?


Artists can’t help but be artists. There will be compromises along the way for mere survival, but you should always find time to nurture your gift. I measure success by how pleased one is with their contribution in life. You can’t put a price on satisfaction.

Any tips on how to get your work seen and get the commissions coming in?


Moodscape 5 by Donna Pacinelli

Online galleries such as this one are a great venue for exhibiting work. The strongest work will stand out against the competition.

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September 9, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Its really nice

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