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Here’s an opportunity for artists from the London Artists Collective.  Whether you’re London-based or not, this could be just what you’re looking for.  Links follow at the end of the article.

We are now accepting applications from new artists:

London Artists Collective is a collective of artists living, working and exhibiting in London, ranging in practices from painting sculpture, drawing and installation to sound art and poetry.
If you are a London-based artist, we are currently expanding our circle: visit the website for ideas on how to apply or exhibit with us.
If you are an artist from afar, we are also looking for a select numberof members from further afield for our exchange programme – artists outside of London are encouraged to apply.  This will give you the chance to exhibit in London and us the chance to go on tour.  We are also arranging studio swaps where artists from different locations/ countries/cities can swap studio space for a period of time.

Please see our for more details.

What do we do?

  • Arrange regular exhibitions to bring our artwork to the world
  • Create a platform for collaboration, projects and commissions
  • We have interactive exhibitions & poetry
  • Arrange studio swaps between artists
  • Create & share opportunities
  • Publicise individuals & groups within the LAC
  • Sell artwork at exhibitions, artfairs and on our website
  • We pool resources in order to have bigger & better shows, more contacts and more opportunities as a collective than is possible as individuals
  • Connect individuals and groups
  • Stimulate open discussion through networking/blogging.

We enjoy art, life, drinks and culture together.  We are not for profit, just for art!

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Just wanted to say what a fantastic support/info system you run. I've just read the newsletter regarding image copyright law and it's very informative... thanks!"

- Michele Wallington