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Sell more artwork through interior design

By in How To


a painting that says "Your Art Here" inside a well-furnished home

The world of fine art proudly rejects the idea of being mere decoration.  But the global market for interior design is fully ten times the size of the art market.  Can artists really afford to ignore a $660 billion market…

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Should you reproduce your original artworks as prints?

By in Art And Culture

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reproduce original artworks as prints image in a white frame

Having multiple income streams is key to building a successful art business, but is reproducing original artworks as prints right for you?

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Art & Culture: Freudian Slippers and Other Salable Art Products

By in Art And Culture



Yes, museum shops can be holding pens for the worst atrocities known to high art in the form of low culture; alas, they can also be great sources of inspiration for those of us working outside of the museum walls.…

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Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2013 round up

By in Art And Culture, Artwork



After visiting the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead last night, we thought we’d share some of our favourite artists, galleries, and work that we saw. Enjoy! Here’s how the Liberty Gallery‘s stand looked (before the crowds!), we really liked Maria…

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