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Which Paintbrushes Should Artists Use?

By in How To


a collection of different shapes and sizes of paintbrushes

Paintbrushes date back to the Paleolithic era around 2.5 million years. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations were among the first to develop painting with brushes for fine art and decoration. In terms of design, very little has changed since then. Brushes…

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Spotlight Interview with Landscape Painter Emma Cownie

By in Interviews



We featured landscape painter Emma Cownie’s website a couple of weeks ago, when we were instantly drawn to the vibrant, rich colours so prominent in her work. In this spotlight interview Emma shares the influences and ideas behind her paintings,…

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Tia Gillespie – An OCAD University Graduate, Professional Artist from Canada

By in Interviews

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Being an artist Please give us a few words of introduction about yourself I am an emerging artist based in Kingston ON Canada. I graduated from OCAD University with a Major in Drawing & Painting and a Minor in Art…

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