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Selling Art at Artisan Markets: Tips for Success

By in How To


Traditional Moroccan market with souvenirs - Morocco, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, Africa

Selling art at artisan markets can be a great way to increase sales and visibility without the commitment of a brick-and-mortar store.

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Do you need an artist’s assistant?

By in How To


Warm toned portrait of successful female artisan using laptop in crafting workshop, copy space

We offer tips on how to find the right assistant for you and how to make sure you get the most out of your time and investment.

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Art supplies: what to splurge on and where to save

By in How To



We’ve compiled a list of art supplies worth splurging on, and where you can afford to cut a few corners.

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Should you reproduce your original artworks as prints?

By in Art And Culture

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reproduce original artworks as prints image in a white frame

Having multiple income streams is key to building a successful art business, but is reproducing original artworks as prints right for you?

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Crowdfunding for artists

By in How To



A while back we talked about different funding options for artists as part of our Art and Money blog series. One of the options we mentioned was ‘crowdfunding’. You might be familiar with this term, as it has become a very popular…

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