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Dan Fone blog – Search Engines and other post-MA weird patch related fun

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Hill- Dan Fone

I recently finished a Masters degree in Digital Art.  I’m sure I’m not the only person to finish a Masters and find themselves wondering what comes next.  For two years I’ve had one focused goal, now attained.  Really though, the…

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Dan Fone Post 4 – Writing

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Just had my MA assessment. The show opens this week. These have been frantically busy times. They’ve been fun, though, by and large. I’m now having to gear up to meet the world beyond my MA. Ouch. We’ve had visits…

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Dan Fone, Post 3 – The Vicious Circles

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A circle. Now I'm uploading it, it looks quite restful. Reminds me of the sea

It’s been a while since my last post and the reason for that is the increasing pace of my Digital Arts MA. We’ll be putting up the final show in pretty much exactly one month. This raises one of the…

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Dan Fone Post 2 – What kind of artwork sells at the Affordable Art Fair?

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One of the aisles...

A month or so ago I went to The Affordable Art Fair. I hadn’t been expecting to enjoy it. I’ve been to the fair before, and felt annoyed. About 60% of the work seemed to fit into a few categories.…

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Dan Fone, Post 1 – Introduction

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Dan Fone - Hillside 1

Hello. My name’s Dan Fone and I have a photography site here on The Artists Web. I’m going to be writing a few articles exploring ways of selling my work, both through my site and elsewhere. I have another website…

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Jason Adamson – Evolution of the bird people

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This week we’ve been talking to painter Jason Adamson…   Part 1 – Practical Questions   1) – Do you think artists need to be able to talk about their work in order to exist? How much of this business…

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