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Dan Fone, Post 3 – The Vicious Circles

By in Events & Review


It’s been a while since my last post and the reason for that is the increasing pace of my Digital Arts MA. We’ll be putting up the final show in pretty much exactly one month. This raises one of the…

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Dan Fone, Post 1 – Introduction

By in Art And Culture


Hello. My name’s Dan Fone and I have a photography site here on The Artists Web. I’m going to be writing a few articles exploring ways of selling my work, both through my site and elsewhere. I have another website…

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10 Top Tips to make your artwork sell!

By in How To


A popular topic in our online forums has been how artists can increase traffic to their site, and generally heighten marketability of their work online. We’ve developed a very helpful top-ten list of recommended actions for all artists to help…

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