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ArtWeb vs WordPress: The Artist Website of Choice

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Image by Robert Askew via ArtWeb
Image by Robert Askew via ArtWeb

Website providers, coding, domains, designers, themes, blogs, portfolios, shops. The options for someone wanting to branch out online are limitless and it is even more difficult if you are an artist. Your work is unique in that it is not a service you just want to tell people about, it is a product, an identity and it is incredibly personal. Above all, you want to show what you do and you want to sell art work.

Before you throw your head into your hands or throw your entire lifework down the pan by using a blog, there is a simple and easy way to get over the din of internet gabble. ArtWeb might just be the answer to almost any question you have about your artistic online life. Put simply, it looks great, it is easy to use and it helps you get where you want to be.

Image by Rosie Cunningham via ArtWeb.
Image by Rosie Cunningham via ArtWeb.

It Looks Great

ArtWeb is a service built for artists. It has been developed over many years, working closely with many different types of artists to find out what they, as users, want and need, as well as analysing how buyers navigate the sites. This means that it works hard to showcase your work off as best it can.

WordPress is a blog, it is made for people who write things and write things frequently. There are certain themes or add-ons that include galleries but they always play second fiddle to a rolling stream of posts. ArtWeb, on the other hand, prides itself on working solely with artists, integrating both galleries and sales into the heart of what it does. As a platform for creatives, it doesn’t spread its talents thinly over the breadth of the web.

You are an individual. Your artworks are one of kind and, as an artist, you need an identity. ArtWeb will let you choose what you show, how you show it and make moving things around super easy.

It Is A Piece Of Pie

Who wants to be bogged down with acronyms and abbrev’s that they don’t even understand? SEO, CSS, HTML, plug-ins, all have a role in your artist website but you shouldn’t have to worry about them – your job is to update it with your artwork and enjoy the pleasures that come with an easy online life. ArtWeb has built in optimisation for search engines, it automatically updates for you so there is no need to worry about get left behind technologically, and they few features that you do have complete control over are super easy to use.

With all this under its belt, whirring behind the scenes and out of your conscious, the result is a personal website that gets seen and works.

It’s A Money Maker

Use ArtWeb to its full capacity and you’ll find that from the off to on the wall that is has everything under control. With built in sales platforms, credit card integration and list of visitors and buyers, you could be selling works to art lovers in no time. Other sites on the internet make it very difficult to sell artworks online – it’s a difficult market to break on the internet because the product can’t be emailed or downloaded (most of the time). WordPress will make you plug-in the most confusing programmes and Shopify will turn your whole life into a Sainsbury’s-style conveyor belt.

All in all and by the by, it seems that ArtWeb is the complete package; showcasing artworks and making things easy for you seems to be what it does.

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