How To Get Your Website Listed In The Dmoz Directory

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Dmoz is the larget human edited directory on the internet and it is without doubt an excellent place to have your website listed.

However, it can be rather difficult to have your website accepted into the directory. But do not dispair! it’s important to understand how DMOZ works so you can be sure you are submitting your site in the most appropriate way. All submissions go to real human beings – an editor. Each category has an editor and links submitted to that category will go into a queue for that editor to review. Also don’t forget the editors are volunteers!

Find The Right Category

The importance of this step can’t be over-emphasized, take the time to ensure you have found the most appropriate category, e.g. One might think is the most appropriate section for an artists website (surname beggining A) however on closer inspection this category in shopping is actually more appropriate (assuming the website is selling artwork). If you have trouble finding the correct category, look for a site similar to yours and see where that is listed.

Look For Categories With Only A Few Listings

In categories with fewer listings there is more likelyhood of being accepted and especially your webpage can offer something unique (see below).

Submit A Page From Your Site With Unique Content

If one thinks of a category from the perspective of a visitor to DMOZ, it make sense that variety is more desirable – a series of very similar sites is of less interest. So try and find a part of your site that is both relavent to a category and offers something new. Remember there’s nothing stopping you creating some extra pages on your site with this purpose in mind – perhaps you could knock up a series of informative articles ‘how to…’ etc. start a review section.

Link To The Appropriate Page(S) On Your Homepage

Officially, you are only suppose to submit your home page to DMOZ (although this is not always the case). However if the content on your site relevent to the directory is not on your home page then you could clearly describe and link to that content on your home page. That way an editor can easily find the content that relates to the category at hand.


Do Not Submit Poor Quality Websites!

Make sure that your website is up to date, doesn’t have any functional problems or other problems that might annoy an editor browsing the site. Ensure that you don’t have broken links on your site and don’t even think of submitting a site ‘under construction!’

Use Good Titles And Descriptions

DMOZ already warns about writing objective titles i.e. not using ‘This is a really cool site’, but it can still be difficult to be objective! Probably the best advice here is to start by looking at other similar sites, that way you can get an idea of some acceptable titles.


Fill Out The Submission Form Properly

Remember your submission form is going to be read by a real, live human being who has the power to decide whether or not your site should be included on DMOZ. As such, make sure that the form is properly filled out. Make sure that there are no mistakes (spelling or otherwise) on the form and that all the required information is filled out and is factual.

Don’t Resubmit Your Site

Mr. SEO writes: “if you are thinking about resubmitting every week, month or the rumored 3 months, don’t. I was told [by some editors] that if your site is in “queue” to be evaluated, resubmitting my cause your site to go to the back of the line. That means you’ll have to start from scratch again.” So submit your site and wait. However, if you find that it is taking a looooooooooooong time and you are getting and anxious then you can always…

Contact The Editor

If you have waited several months and still not been listed then it might be an idea to contact the editor of the section you submitted your website to. The editors recieve many many links everyday and they are all volunteers, but if after waiting patiently a friendly email asking as to whether your site has been listed or not would not be out of place.
As you can see, getting into DMOZ isn’t necessarily as hard as it is often made out to be. It’s just a matter of understanding how DMOZ works and how you can take advantage of that fact to get your site included in their directory. Basically, if you can find a way to create content which improves the quality of DMOZ you should find yourself with a listing. There are, of course, no guarantees, but it is certainly worth a shot (even if DMOZ is highly overrated). After all, once you figure out how to get one link from DMOZ, you should be able to get two, three, or more links. And at the end of the day, how bad can a bunch of quality links from DMOZ really be (overrated or not)?

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