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Whether you’ve sold hundreds of paintings, or are just starting out with a couple of sales under your belt, it can be really useful to encourage buyers to provide you with some feedback to quote on your website.

'Another Happy Customer' by Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

Image: ‘Another Happy Customer’ by Bayswater Road Sunday Art Exhibition

How can testimonials from buyers help with future sales?

People who buy art online are like any other kind of customer – they want to trust where they are buying from. They want to be sure of the quality of the work, and that the seller is genuine. One thing to remember is that online, people will find it hard to gain an idea of what you’re about – unless you have all the information and proof they need. Things like having a profile image and writing a biography can really help, but all of these things backed up by actual reviews from previous buyers could make all the difference.

Another reason: the power of persuasion – knowing that other people like a certain artist’s work will inevitably make people more intrigued, and more likely to want to see for themselves!


The best way to do this is to include quotes from buyers, galleries you’ve worked with, people who have attended your workshops, or peers you’ve collaborated with, that demonstrate your professionalism and the quality of your work. Follow up any sales with a thank you email, which includes a request to quote them on your site. Try to be selective, and choose quotes that are unique and specific to your work. Avoid cliches or things aren’t relevant  (Oh and try not to quote your Mum/Brother/Grandma, unless they are a curator at the Tate!)

Additionally, if you’ve had anything in the press such as online articles, magazines or publications, include links or scan in the articles. These are great for building a professional and established image, and proving you have the experience and talent to get noticed.

Finally, here are some examples of artists who include quotes and press history on their websites to great advantage:

Diane Rogers – sold work and comments

Ulrika Jarl  – press section

Julia Rigby – Testimonials

Do you use customer testimonials on your website? If so have you noticed an increase in sales since doing so? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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