Alight on the shore!

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In March this year, The Artists Web featured the work of Clare Lynn, whose light installations have been creating quite a stir amongst their viewers!  Clare’s love of changing the atmosphere and look of often dark, neglected areas with hundreds of beautiful lights has led to her staging several hugely successful installations, mesmerising many of those who travel to see them.

Clare’s latest installation is planned for Friday, June 19th from in the beautiful setting of Leigh-On-Sea during the Leigh Art Trail – in fact, right on the beach itself!  Clare will be mapping the lines of the sea as the tide goes out with hundreds and hundreds of LED lights, creating a beautiful and fascinating scene and capturing an everyday natural occurance in a whole new light!  After her last installation in Thorpe Bay, Clare is once again expecting a large turn-out from the public as the reputation of her installations spreads.

If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not!) head down to the sea to join others in viewing what promises to be a beautiful, calming and inspirational evening!  Check out some more of Clare’s artwork and her other installations on her website;

1 comment for “Alight on the shore!

Helen Nock

June 4, 2009 at 10:50 pm

This will surely be a magical experience. Alas too soon, too far for me so look forward to review. All best wishes for a stunning show.


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