How much will artists sell online in 2010?

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UPDATED: 13th August 2010

Are you interested to know how much your fellow artists are selling their artwork online? Well so are we, so we set up a survey to get some real statistics on the subject. We asked all our artist friends (from, twitter and facebook) and now have answers from almost 200 artists across the globe, which we present to you here.

Some Observations

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that 50% of respondents reported that they hadn’t sold artwork online yet.

No clear majority in how much and how often – an even spread

How much did you think you’re fellow artists we’re making online? $100/month? $10000/year?
Out of the artists who are selling online, did you think most artists would sell every month, a few times a year or even less?

if you look at the results with the ‘not yet’ numbers removed. What transpires is that there is a fairly flat distribution of how much and how often artists sell their work online, e.g. the numbers of artists selling monthly, a few times a year, once a year or less are all quite similar. Look at the pie charts below, you’ll see for the ‘sellers only’ charts that most of the segments are fairly similar in size. The biggest variances are in the ‘how much sold per year’, where there’s more artists selling less than $500 per year than over $500, but still it’s a fairly wide spread of results:

How Often Do You Sell Online (all results)

How Often Do You Sell Online (sellers only)

How Much Do You Sell Online Per Year (all results)

How Much Do You Sell Online Per Year (sellers only)

My Website Is Best

It seems that the majority of respondents still prefer their own website as the primary place to sell their work. This is encouraging to see – very much like seeing independent shop keepers doing well (At we always encourage artists to create their own website).

A Woman’s Touch

And finally the respondents whilst fairly mixed in age and gender, have a definite majority of women.

And without further ado, The Raw Results

And for your reference here are the raw results below.

On average how often do you sell your artwork online?

Monthly 12%


A few times a year 21%


Once a year or less 15%


Haven’t yet sold online 51%


On average how much do you make selling artwork online each year?

Haven’t yet sold online 50%


less than $100 10%


$100 – $250 9%


$250 – $500 11%


$500 – $1000 6%


$1000 – $2500 6%


$2500 – $5000 5%


more than $5000 3%


How many websites/internet galleries currently list your artwork for sale?

none 19%


1 39%


2 18%


3 11%


4 6%


5 or more websites 7%


Where do you sell your artwork online?

My own website 48%


Internet gallery website 31%


General internet market place (like ebay) 8%


Other 12%


How much will you spend on your website/being listed on websites this year?

less than $25 34%


$25 – $100 33%


$100 – $200 28%


$200 – $500 3%


$500 – $1000 2%


more than $1000 1%


Are you?

Male 39%


Female 61%


How young are you?

< 25 8%


25 – 35 20%


35 – 45 31%


21 again 41%



  • 80% from United Kingdom
  • 6% from United States
  • 2% from India
  • 2% from France
  • 1% from United Arab Emirates
  • 1% from Japan
  • 1% from Australia

We’re still collecting your responses, so please visit the page below and take 30 seconds to give your answers:

What do you think of these results?

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4 comments for “How much will artists sell online in 2010?

derek walsom

October 3, 2010 at 10:08 am

As 80% are from UK shouldn’t you show £s. I am 80 years old – perhaps I should have a seperate category ! Can’t quite understand ” your own web site ” is this different to TAW ?


October 24, 2010 at 12:28 am

Yes ‘your own web site’ is different from The Artists Web ‘TAW’ main page found at
When you sign up with TAW you are given the ability to easily create your own website with your own domain address seperate from TAW yet your work will be also displayed on TAW (if you wish) as well as your own website.
Please see further descriptions of website options here:

To see prices in GBP on TAW please scroll down the the very bottom right side corner and click on the currency of your liking.

Best Wishes,
The Artists Web

Frank Zweegers

March 10, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Interesting article. Thanks for the info.


July 7, 2011 at 11:23 am

Hi Derek, thanks, you asked the same question as me. I was confused too and im only 53!
I promise to view your work next time im in the gallery. Wishing you inspiration whenever you need it.

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