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How do you say “The Artists Web” in Japanese?

By in Art And Culture


This is an interesting topic (at least to us in the office 🙂 ) – how does “The Artists Web” translate into Japanese? Does it work?

Well there are two potential points that may me ‘lost in translation’. Firstly is the ‘s’. In Japanese (and Chinese for that matter too), there is no pluralisation – i.e. one dog, two dog, three dog etc. So one of the classic ‘Asian’ mistakes when speaking english, is to omit the ‘s’ on plurals. (With the other sense of the ‘s’ as in ownership, i.e. ‘apostrophe s’, there is a better chance of it not being mistaken as there is a grammatical device to indicate ownership). Secondly there is no ‘The’ in Japanese!

So anticipating the potential confusion, we have used アーティストウェブ which reads ‘Artist Web’ as the language to refer to The Artists Web.

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