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Welcome to the latest edition of The Artists Newsletter!This week we have included a round up of news and info on The Artists Web and beyondThis week we have a couple of newsworthy items for your perusal:

Image Copyright Issues

Not surprisingly the subject of image copyright is a common source of questions from visual artists e.g.:”What is copyright””How do I protect my work””Should I register my work”As there are not too many lawyer/painters out there, we thought it would be useful to research and add an article on this subject to the wiki. Read the Image Copyright article

Interested In Selling Prints Of Your Artwork?

>From a business point of view it makes good sense to offer prints of one’s work for sale. Popular prints can be a very lucrative income, even a short run of limited edition prints takes little effort to produce compared to the original and can certainly extend the income from one’s work.The Artists Web is interested to hear if who would be interested in selling prints of their work online via The Artists Web: Please Give your feedback on the forum 

New/Updated Articles On The Wiki

Recent Forum Posts

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Just wanted to say what a fantastic support/info system you run. I've just read the newsletter regarding image copyright law and it's very informative... thanks!"

- Michele Wallington