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Artists – Protect Yourself Against Art Scammers

Unfortunately there is an increasing number of scammers or con artists operating on the internet and all artists selling their artwork though the internet should be aware of this. Over the last few weeks we have noticed a number of internet scams aimed at artists, so in response to this we have put together an article on our wiki with important tips for recognising such scam emails: We strongly recommend all artists read this article and learn how to protect themsleves.

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In the next edition we shall expand on some of the important points that we mentioned in our article on the wiki:

Art Beat

Welcoming Our Latest 3 Artists

Crest%20of%20a%20waveMichelle Green | website19 images uploaded, painting drawingsfantasy, animal and figures UntitledDaniel Iles | website11 images uploaded, painting mixed media You%20Throw%20the%20Sand%20against%20the%20WindTiffany Durling | website32 images uploaded, painting Nature inspired semi-abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas 

New Work Uploaded

1210 new items uploaded since 07/05/2007.

Count Price in GBP
794 Not Priced Yet
239 1 – 100
113 100 – 250
55 250 – 500
5 500 – 1000
3 1000 – 2000
1 2000 – and above

Some randomly selected new works:

  • Untitled
  • Bob Marley
  • untitled
  • Spiders Web
  • Tyr Llwydraeth
  • Plant and Fruit

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Artists Newsletter

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Just wanted to say what a fantastic support/info system you run. I've just read the newsletter regarding image copyright law and it's very informative... thanks!"
- Michele Wallington