Artists Newsletter June 2007 – Search Engine Optimisation 101

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Artists Newsletter!This week we shall look at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and of course have a round up of news and info on The Artists Web and beyond 

SEO 101

We’ve added some new tips to the wiki regarding SEO, here’s the ‘Basics’ section for the How To Get Your Artists Site In Search Engines article:Really there are two aspects to consider when ‘optimising’ your website for search engines, what you do on your site and what the rest of the internet is doing in relation to your site.

Your Own Site

Mainly, it is important that your site properly accessible to all visitors, the page titles are good, the site generally has good quality content and you have some relevent outgoing links to other sites of interest, see the section below about Search Engine Optimistation. If your site is not properly accessible to search engines, it simply won’t be listed at all.

The Rest Of The Internet

However arguably of much greater importance is what the rest of the internet is doing in relation to your site! You can have the best website in the world, but if no other websites mention or link to your site then you will be buried at the bottom of the search engine results. You could think of the other websites linking to you, mentioning your site as your reputation on the internet. Even if your site is excellent, if you don’t have a reputation you won’t get many visits just like if a very talented artist has no reputation then they have trouble finding buyers!Full Article: How To Get Your Artists Site In Search Engines.

Getting Listed In The DMOZ DirectoryAnd following on from the SEO article, you’ll no doubt be thinking about adding your site to the DMOZ directory: How to get your website listed in the dmoz directory

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