Art Round

Welcome to the latest edition of Art Round!
This week we have included a round up of what’s new on The Artists Web

Welcoming Our Latest 3 Artists

Trevor Smith | website

5 images uploaded, painting drawings

Catrin Edwards-Jones | website

49 images uploaded, painting textiles

Odile Rapoport | website

9 images uploaded, metal mixed media
functional and ornamental metalwork

New Work Uploaded

1647 new items uploaded since 23/03/2009.

Count Price in GBP
1111 Not Priced Yet
192 1 – 100
134 100 – 250
98 250 – 500
65 500 – 1000
30 1000 – 2000
17 2000 – and above

Some randomly selected new works:

  • Tomorrow Skies
  • Coffee at the Pavillion
  • Memories
  • Abbie Stove
  • My Try although a success for Rock is not a victory for everyone! Whilst Rocks team jump with joy and the other players walk away in gloom a little character here will soon have much bigger things on his mind.
  • (No title)

Most common tags since 23/03/2009:

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